Pubdate: Sun, 06 May 2007
Source: Trentonian, The (NJ)
Copyright: 2007 The Trentonian
Author: Kenneth R. Wolski


L.A. Parker sounds like a politician in his column, "City men hit 
death lottery." He proposes to deal with the problem of gang violence 
by concentrating on elementary school children.

That's a politician's feel-good proposal whose results wouldn'tbe 
known for 10 years or more. It does nothing to address the problem of 
gang violence now.

Guess what? It won't work in 10 years, either. Actions against gangs 
speak louder than any indoctrinating words to children.

It is our actions that are pushing minority youths into gangs. We 
keep pumping money and resources into the War on Drugs, which 
disproportionately victimizes city minorities and provides an endless 
supply of new gang recruits. The government -- federal, state, county 
and municipal -- is waging a war, not on drugs, but on its own 
citizens. And you're shocked that there's violence involved?! What 
did you expect from war?

The problem of gang violence can be solved quite simply: tax and 
regulate currently illegal drugs, as we now do with cigarettes and 
alcohol. Establish stores, check ID's, and forbid sales to minors. 
Provide treatment on demand. The profits will disappear from the 
illegal drug trade along with the gangs and the violence.

The War on Drugs is an unwinnable war on our own citizens that only 
breeds ever-escalating violence. Have we learned nothing from Prohibition?

Kenneth R. Wolski

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