Pubdate: Thu, 03 May 2007
Source: Tryon Daily Bulletin, The (NC)
Copyright: 2007 Tryon Daily Bulletin
Author: Steve Marlowe


To the Editor, I have an update on Jean Marlowe and her effort to have
her right to use Cannabis/marijuana for medicine.

I know a lot of people are aware of Jean's battle. In 1997, Superior
Court Judge Ray Warren ruled in a state case that Jean "had no choice
due to her medical condition" and had at least two doctors monitoring
her condition. That left the Federal government, who says "no" for
marijuana use. On Feb.13 of this year, Jean was ticketed at a routine
traffic check in the Great Smokies National Forest with possession of
marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. On April 18th, Jean went to
U.S. District Court in Bryson City, NC. She was very nervous going
into court, but she carried with her the Federal guidelines for
"necessity", which she has met; a recommendation from a doctor in
California; two letters from her internal medicine specialist from
Asheville; and a pocket copy of the Constitution of the United States.

When the prosecutor spotted Jean in the courtroom, he came over, asked
her name and said, "We have no interest in pursuing this case and are
taking a dismissal.

You have the right to a trial and to try to prove medical necessity,
but we will just dismiss the case." The Federal government has
essentially recognized Jean's right and accepted the Cannabis was for

It was a long and hard journey, but after 10 years she has
accomplished what she set out to do. This is an indication that our
govenment is taking a different stand where Cannabis medicine is

Steve Marlowe 
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