Pubdate: Wed, 25 Apr 2007
Source: Powell River Peak (CN BC)
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New Democratic Party (NDP) members in the West Vancouver-Sunshine
Coast-Sea to Sky Country federal riding have selected their candidate
for the next federal election.

Dana Larsen was declared the candidate at a meeting in Roberts Creek
on April 21.

"This campaign is about providing leadership and fairness for working
families in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, and I am
honoured that local New Democrats have put their trust in me today,"
said Larsen.

Larsen is a well known social activist committed to decriminalizing
and rationalizing drug policies, in keeping with the values of
Canadians. He is the former leader of the BC Marijuana Party, who
joined the NDP in 2003. Larsen also unsuccessfully sought the NDP
nomination in 2004 and again in 2005.

The main priorities in his campaign will be fighting for tough action
against climate change, fairness for families struggling with the high
cost of long-term care and tuition fees, and implementation of the
civil rights policies which parliamentary committees have advocated,
Larsen said. "The people of our coastal communities deserve an MP who
will work hard on the issues that matter to ordinary people," he said.

Larsen added he was inspired to run by NDP leader Jack Layton. "Jack
Layton and the NDP are working hard to bring fairness to average
families, and that's a message that I think really resonates with
people here in the coast," said Larsen.

Larsen also criticized the Conservative government for being too cozy
with United States President George Bush. "On Afghanistan and the
softwood lumber sellout, Stephen Harper thinks it's more important to
keep George Bush happy than to stand up for our communities and our

Larsen, 36, is a small business manager with years of experience
working for civil liberties in BC and across Canada. Larsen and his
partner, Rebecca, keep a home in the Strathcona area of Vancouver, as
well as a home in Roberts Creek, where Larsen's nine-year-old
daughter, Lily, lives.

Larsen joins already-confirmed candidates John Weston for the
Conservatives and Silvaine Zimmerman for the Green Party.
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