Pubdate: Wed, 18 Apr 2007
Source: Scope, The (CN ON)
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Author: Anonymous
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Dear editor,

I read with interest about the motion regarding grow ops, meth labs, 
etc. Although this may be an idea in principle, I believe it would be 
totally in vain.

These people have no regard for life let alone property. I seriously 
doubt the township could ever "collect" on refurbishing or 
demolishing these properties or, at the very least, the 
owners/tenants would be long gone.

Last year my neighbour was dealing drugs, so busy at one point that 
traffic at their house was steady 24 hr. a day for approx. 2 months. 
Our local police station referred me to our main narcotics detective 
covering all of Simcoe County & Muskoka. Despite understanding this 
large territory & workload, our neighbourhood wanted this stopped 
which did take a number of months after their money & sources began 
drying out. In the meantime, these neighbours somehow avoided having 
their house repossessed by the bank at the ninth hour and continued 
living there long after heat & hydro had been disconnected right into 
Nov-Dec. Another repossession notice, they stripped the house of 
cabinets & anything that could be removed, sold it for a song and 
WALKED, scot free. The house is a shambles, basement flooded with 5 
ft of water, likely unfit for refurbishing. And who's left with this 
mess? The bank, not the owner. Not only have they not been arrested 
for illegal drug trafficking, they have no further responsibility to 
the property they trashed.

I personally believe our tax dollars would be better spent on our 
police forces, not this motion or the administration of it should it 
pass. Bringing these people to justice is what we should focus on by 
expanding our drug investigations. These people walk away free albeit 
with a tainted credit rating, as if they care. They're laughing at us 
& our overworked & under-staffed police force, knowing they can get 
away with it and likely will again. Meanwhile all of us end up paying 
for it sooner or later as banks recoup their losses.

A Concerned Resident

Editor's Note: Although it is policy that letters be signed, due to 
the nature of the letter, the name has been removed for protection.
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