Pubdate: Fri, 20 Apr 2007
Source: Stoney Creek News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007 Brabant Newspapers
Author: Laura Lennie, Stoney Creek


Investigators from Hamilton Police Service's Vice and Drug Units 
continue to evaluate forensic evidence found at the various locations 
involved in the biggest marijuana grow-op bust in Hamilton history.

After community members came forward about the possibility of 
marijuana grow operations, police found 11,838 plants worth about 
$11.8 million in 49 units in three of Riverdale neighbourhood's 
highrise apartment buildings - 11 Grandville Ave., 50 Violet Dr. and 
77 Delawana Dr. - owned by Di Cenzo Management Inc., last month.

Hamilton Police Service's media relations officer Sgt. Michael Webber 
says the forensic evidence, coupled with information received from 
various community partners, will hopefully identify the suspects.

"This investigation is ongoing and will be lengthy, due to the large 
scope of the number of units identified as 'grow ops,'" he said.

Though no charges have been laid, concerns regarding the quality of 
the air in the buildings, as well as any possible mould, have been 
addressed, says City of Hamilton's director of health protection Robert Hall.

"Public Health Services has completed inspections of 49 apartment 
units adjacent to the grow-op units in the three buildings 
implicated," he said. "Our public health inspectors found no evidence 
of mould or concerns with air quality within these occupied units."

Mr. Hall adds the city's building department has ordered the owner of 
the building to conduct an environmental assessment, including air 
quality monitoring in the common areas of the buildings and to 
determine what needs to be done to the grow-op units prior to rehabilitation.

The environmental consultant hired, he says, has verbally confirmed 
there is no concern for the air quality in the building based on air 
quality testing.

The building department is awaiting the final report from the consultant.

Phone calls to Di Cenzo Management Inc. and the city's building 
department were not returned by Stoney Creek News deadline.

"Public Health Services found no indications of mould in any occupied 
apartments inspected," said Mr. Hall. "Public Health Services will 
continue to work with the building department to see a successful 
remediation of the grow-op apartments, prior to those apartments 
being reoccupied in the future."
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