Pubdate: Sat, 14 Apr 2007
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2007 Rutland Herald
Author: Maggie Fillioe


I was very frustrated when I read the article about salvia in the
April 11 edition of your newspaper. All I could think is that it's not
the city's fault, and it's not the Emporium's fault. Salvia is
completely legal, and there is no reason it should ever be made illegal.

The article even quoted James Stone as saying that it's not a question
of legality, yet one of morality. And if there's anything I've learned
about the government is that they do not belong anywhere in the
legislation of morality. It's not their place, nor is it something
that can be done; morality is an intrinsic decision.

And as far as the underage kids opting to do a drug without knowing
its effects, it is purely the fault of a lack of comprehensive drug
education. I fought for the improvement of drug education in high
school and got nowhere. Kids asked for the education to be changed so
that they could learn all sides of drug use, and thus make their own
choices in an educated manor. They want education that shows them the
pros, cons, effects and dangers of drug use. I think that when salvia
is used correctly, as with all drugs, they can have positive aspects.
Salvia is a mind-enhancing drug relative of peyote; it's not something
that should be used to just get high, but rather to enhance your
mental being. These kids don't know any of that because the
communities and drug laws censor all that information, perhaps out of
fear that it leads to their child's autonomy.

I believe that if the city of Middlebury bans the sale of this drug or
in the future if it's completely outlawed, it will become just one
more thing that will raise crime rates. I also believe that your
presentation on the way to make the high last longer (drinking alcohol
in conjunction with smoking the salvia) just provides more
half-educated facts into the public.

LSD got a bad reputation (causing paranoia, making people believe they
could fly and then jump off a tall building, bad trips leading to
deaths) in the late 1970s because of half-educated "facts" that turned
into propaganda, and now one of the most influential, mind-altering,
creativity-inspiring drugs of all time is out of legal reach. Why not
just educate everyone properly and completely. Some will still make
the choice to do it, but at least then they have the ability to make
an educated choice and they know what they are getting into. I do not
advocate the use or abstinence of drugs in any way, shape, or form. I
do however believe that it's a shame to let people try and legislate

Maggie Fillioe,

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