Pubdate: Sat, 14 Apr 2007
Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Frances Ziebart


To the Editor,

Re: Shame belongs to addicts, not city, News Bulletin, April 10.

John is in his forties. Tall, handsome and very intelligent. He holds 
the highest certificate issued for the trade he works in and is 
considered one of the best.

John is one of the citizens on the Island that J. Sharpe is quite 
willing to qualify as an individual who should take responsibility 
for his predicament.

You see Mr. Sharpe, John is an addict.

In the city where he lives he has, and likely will again, slept in 
vans, cars and benches in our parks.

He has had support from his mother and some of his sisters. But when 
the pain is unbearable he slips back to the depths of despair and 
finds some comfort for a few minutes in his addiction even though he 
has often tried to kick the habit.

In his 20s, John watched his young son burn to death in a house fire 
and he was unable to come to his rescue. Subsequently he lost his 
family to a divorce.

A few years later he met and fell in love again with a beautiful 
young lady. One night she took his car and committed suicide. The 
next morning he was called to identify the body.

John is my nephew and to J. Sharpe I say, "Let me judge you." To me 
you are an empty and cold hearted individual who is unable to have 
compassion and or understanding of some of our fellow citizen's pain 
and despair.

Your sense of righteousness is beyond my comprehension. I hope that 
Nanaimo has very few cruel people like you.

Frances Ziebart

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