Pubdate: Thu, 12 Apr 2007
Source: Tribune, The (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Copyright: 2007 The Tribune
Author: Elaine McKellips


I am a client of the Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers. I know
personally that Abe Baxter has turned away clients that didn't have
the proper documentation. I also know that no matter how accommodating
they are, if my letter is out of date, I will not be served.

With all my health problems, medical marijuana has helped me deal with
my disease and the severe nausea that it causes. I am disabled and am
not able to drive, nor do I have anyone who would take me to Buellton,
so that is not an option for me.

I have another issue with the DEA. My medical records are protected
under the HIPA act, and it was reported that the DEA took customer
files. I have nothing to worry about. If they suspected me of a crime,
they may be able to subpoena my records, but they were just taken. If
anyone else feels the same way, you can contact me at 466-3542. I want
to do something about it.

Elaine McKellips

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