Pubdate: Thu, 05 Apr 2007
Source: Pipestone Flyer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2007 Pipestone Publishing
Author: Chris Buors


Dear Editor

Boston recorded a song called "Smokin" back in the 70's. That song is
exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. The "secret code" started when
Roadies needed the code to see who was in the "sub-culture" and who
was clued out. Needless to say, the code arose to mystical levels
because cannabis users need to be wary of the witch hunters. Once the
code becomes universally understood and the mystery taken out,
something else will come along.

That the sub-culture has such a presence is testament to the
popularity of smoking cannabis in social ceremonies. The "sub-culture"
of cannabis users to be more precise, have been around since the
bamboo plant from which cannabis is derived has existed. Cannabis and
opium are the ceremonial and ritual substances of the Asians. Alcohol
is the ceremonial and ritual substance of the Western "Christian"
culture as evidenced by toasts to the bride and the priest goblet. The
South Americans have used coca as their ceremonial and ritual
substance for thousands of years. The Editor should enlighten himself
and practice more tolerance for other cultures instead supporting the
immoral war on other than Christian cultures.

That the youth's in our culture are ignorant of the above facts is
testament to the failure of our education system to have a truthful
discussion about drugs. The youths may not be able to make the
intellectual arguments that expound the virtues of tolerance,
prudence, justice and fortitude, but I most certainly can. Drug
prohibition doesn't live up to a single one.

I have no fear of the witch hunters, crusaders, demonizers or
prohibitionists in our midst. All I ask is for a chance to expose
their lies before a jury of my peers.

Chris Buors


President Freedom Party of Manitoba
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