Pubdate: Mon, 26 Feb 2007
Source: Labradorian, The (CN NF)
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Author: Kenn Oliver
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Local RCMP Makes Historic Drug Seizure In Central Labrador

The RCMP scored a major victory in the war against drugs recently 
with the seizure of over 13lbs of marihuana. It marks the single 
largest drug bust of that kind in Labrador's history.

As part of an on going investigation members of the Goose Bay and 
Sheshatshiu detachments stopped a vehicle traveling east on the Trans 
Labrador Highway on the night of Saturday, Feb. 17. Inside the 
vehicle, officers discovered the large quantity of they believe to be 
high quality marihuana.

In a press release, the RCMP noted that they believed the drugs were 
bound for "aboriginal communities both locally and on the coast of Labrador."

Cpl. Keith MacKinnon told the Labradorian that the substance, which 
was not grown locally, has an estimated street resale value of 
approximately $118,000 locally. But he notes that on the coast, where 
prices for a single gram of the illegal substance can reach as high 
as $50, the resale value of the entire shipment is somewhere in the 
area of $290,000.

[Name redacted], the driver of the vehicle, was arrested and has 
since been charged with possession of marihuana for the purpose of 
trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The 
30-year-old Goose Bay man will appear in court on Apr. 30, 2007.

While pleased with the seizure and the precedent of consequences it 
sets for anyone considering entering or continuing in the drug trade, 
the RCMP admit there are still dangerous drugs available in the 
surrounding communities. They cite ecstasy, crack, and particularly 
cocaine as being prevalent substances being used in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

However, they are glad to have taken the equivalent of 17,700 
marihuana cigarettes "from the hands of potential users."
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