Pubdate: Mon, 26 Feb 2007
Source: Aurora, The (CN NF)
Copyright: 2007 The Aurora
Author: D. Landry
Note: Title by MAP Editor


Re: Drug Dealers And Organized Crime By Cpl. Keith MacKinnon

Dear Editor

Despite a close working relationship, RCMP CPL MacKinnon seems to 
miss the simple logic of the illegal drug business. Perhaps it's a 
case of missing the forest for the trees.

He states "Drugs will always be available, as there will always be a 
demand." True.

Continuing the prohibition of drugs guarantees organized crime will 
dominate the trade in those drugs. As long as the good soldiers of 
the failed 'Drug War' like CST MacKinnon chase after an admittedly 
unreachable goal (chasing down all the dealers), they ensure the 
organized criminals are the ones who will take the risk and make the 
huge profits.

Whatever evils a person chooses to ingest, be they chardonnay, Big 
Macs, Smirnoff, Oreos, kitchen knives, or BC bud, it is purely a 
heath issue. Tens of billions of tax dollars are taken from 
childcare, health care, education to pay for the likes of CPL 
MacKinnon out chasing down 'a gram of weed'.

By ensuring most drugs are produced and distributed by the wrong 
people, in the wrong places and sold with no controls whatsoever.I 
feel it's CPL MacKinnon, and those in law enforcement who push for 
continued prohibition, are the ones who "don't care about you or your 
family, only themselves". Oh, and their budgets too.

D. Landry

Vancouver, BC
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MAP posted-by: Beth Wehrman