Pubdate: Wed, 28 Feb 2007
Source: Nipawin Journal, The (CN SN)
Copyright: 2007 The Nipawin Journal
Author: Klaus Kaczor
Bookmark: (D.A.R.E.)


The deadly addiction dragon is part of nature, but to have a large 
lucrative criminal market left uncontrolled to recruit more victims 
from the ranks of your children and mine is even worse, because we 
have created it. The lies of DARE can't stand in for the truth of human nature.

Again, I say that if humanity can't be honest with itself and come to 
understand human desires as part of nature today, there will be no tomorrow.

Honesty and rational applied methods will lead to real results and 
success. DARE is pure propaganda based on moral views. It can't work 
and has proven itself of no effect as human curiosity and a sense of 
rebellious adventure will come to those DARE graduates as all others.

If we allow it to be a lucrative proposition to meet that momentary 
demand without controls there will always be another victim.

Bravo to the Moe Brondum for voicing the truth.

The freedom of personal choice to ingest whatever substance one 
chooses is a natural right asserted by every individual member of 
every species of life form which has lived, is living currently and 
will live in the future.

Klaus Kaczor

Vancouver, B.C.
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