Pubdate: Wed, 28 Feb 2007
Source: Polk County Democrat, The (FL)
Copyright: 2007 Polk County Democrat
Author: Anthony Lorenzo
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Thank you for publishing this refreshing perspective ("Tiger Bay Club 
Ponders Decriminalization of Illegal Drugs") on the failed war on drugs.

We certainly have lost this war. Drug use statistics have varied 
little over the last 30 years, other than the increase to 10 percent 
of high school seniors having tried MDMA, more commonly known as 
ecstasy. High school students obtain these drugs through the 
underground black market, where there is not a license to lose for 
selling to minors, or regulations that will be followed to ensure 
there are no chemical adulterants poisoning those of our children who 
decide to experiment with drugs.

We have learned nothing from alcohol prohibition, when adulterants 
cause health problems, crime syndicates arose and fought over 
lucrative supply control, and addicts hid rather than allowing us to 
help them. At least in alcohol prohibition, they didn't arrest users 
for possession.

It is time to legalize drugs.

Visit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on the Web ( 
and join with me in working to end this silly war against our 
neighbors as a supporter of LEAP.

Anthony Lorenzo

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