Pubdate: Wed, 28 Feb 2007
Source: Polk County Democrat, The (FL)
Copyright: 2007 Polk County Democrat
Author: Colleen Minter McCool
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Thanks for this enlightening look at the drug problem ("Tiger Bay 
Club Ponders Decriminalization of Illegal Drugs"). I certainly agree 
with Peter Christ.

Our drug policies border on insanity. Tobacco, alcohol, and 
pharmaceuticals contribute to more deaths each year than all illicit drugs.

Problems don't go away because the government makes them illegal; 
they go underground, creating a black market, causing worse problems.

Patients testify to cannabis' help in treating chronic pain, multiple 
sclerosis, glaucoma, gastrointestinal tract disorders and HIV/AIDS.

Paramilitary drug raids trigger dozens of needless deaths and 
injuries, not only of non-violent drug offenders, but also of police 
officers, children, bystanders, and innocent suspects.

Treatment of drug abuse saves precious lives and resources.

Support for the federal war on drugs is inconsistent with support for 
individual freedom, constitutional government and the teachings of Jesus.

Colleen Minter McCool

Stephenville, Texas
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