Pubdate: Thu, 22 Feb 2007
Source: Colorado Springs Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2007 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: Casey Valenti
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I read your recent story about medical marijuana and all its local 
problems ("Smokin' medicine," cover story, Feb. 8). But did you know 
the biggest category for drug arrests in this country is possession 
of marijuana? We arrest 1.5 million people a year for drug-related 
offenses. That is more than people arrested for murder, robbery, rape 
and aggravated assault-all combined!

Eight out of 10 drug arrests are just for possession. You say end 
this war in Iraq - but when do we stop this endless, billion-dollar 
War on Drugs, with no end in sight?

What is the exit plan?

- - Casey Valenti

Colorado Springs
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