Pubdate: Fri, 16 Feb 2007
Source: Alberni Valley News (CN BC)
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Author: Susan Quinn
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Crystal meth takes a front seat in Port Alberni next Wednesday (Feb. 
21) when Headlines theatre brings the play Meth to the E.J. Dunn 
Middle School gymnasium.

"The play is created by people who have struggled with meth 
addiction," says Port Alberni Crystal Meth Task Force chairwoman 
Gillian Trumper. The play encourages the public to jump into the 
performance; it's designed to stimulate a conversation on crystal 
meth, she said. Volunteer counsellors will be present during the 
performance incase it stirs up any feelings in audience members.

Trumper encourages groups in the community to get involved by coming 
to watch the play.

To reserve a seat for the play, please call 724-6166 or e-mail Admission is free, but seating is limited to 300 people. There are 
still seats available for the Port Alberni performance.

Trumper was at city council Monday night to give councillors a 
progress report on what the task force is doing.

The play is just one project that the task force has taken on, she said.

The treatment and rehabilitation committee is busy compiling 
information on what treatment is available for people hooked on 
crystal meth, as well as rehabilitation opportunities.

"They will be coming back to the task force in June (with a report) 
so we can make recommendations and a presentation to the Vancouver 
Island Health Authority and the provincial government," Trumper said.

"We don't want to say 'you just have to put more money into the 
system'. We want to be constructive," she said.

Committee member John Rampanen also works with two other community 
groups -- AVSafety Net and the First Nations Community Task Force -- 
which Trumper hopes will provide recommendations to the treatment and 
rehab committee.

"Whether we like it or not, illegal substance abuse in this community 
is a huge problem, and it's not just crystal meth," Trumper said.
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