Pubdate: Tue, 13 Feb 2007
Source: Observer, The (CN ON)
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Author: Neil Bowen
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A pot-smoking driver was one of marijuana-related cases dealt with in 
Sarnia court Monday.

It's always a concern to hear the substance is being used in 
conjunction with operating a vehicle, said Justice Deborah Austin, as 
she sentence one of four young men who pleaded guilty to possession 
of marijuana.

Three were given discharges conditional on completion of 12 months of 
probation and 16 hours of community service.

Two of the men were together in a vehicle that was stopped Dec. 27 at 
a RIDE checkpoint in Plympton-Wyoming. An officer smelled burnt 
marijuana and when questioned, a marijuana cigarette was surrendered.

Subsequent searches found each young man had a bag with a small 
amount of marijuana.

A third young man was stopped Dec. 18 in Lambton Shores after 
dropping off his girlfriend. Three marijuana butts were found in the 
ashtray after an officer smelled marijuana. A small bag of marijuana was found.

Court was told he used the drug to control attention-deficit 
hyperactivity disorder. His vehicle was stopped after police saw it 
drive on the shoulder of the road for a short distance.

None of the three had a criminal record.

It is the policy of The Observer not to identify people given 
discharges that will prevent them from having a criminal record.

A fourth young man, Scott Vandellen, 19, of Sarnia was fined $250 for 
possession of marijuana and $300 for violation of a court order not 
to have drugs in his possession.

He was stopped Dec. 14 at a RIDE checkpoint in Point Edward with a 
burnt marijuana odour in the vehicle. A marijuana butt and a small 
bag of marijuana were found.

Vandellen was also placed on probation for 12 months with the 
condition he not possess drugs.

Under the Criminal Code it is an offence to drive while impaired by 
alcohol or a drug. Unlike alcohol, there is no legal limit on the 
amount of a drug a person can have in their system while driving.
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