Pubdate: Fri, 09 Feb 2007
Source: State Press, The (AZ Edu)
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Author: Tim Gomez
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I concur with Matthew Neff, Tyler Thompson and Macy Hanson that U.S. 
drug policy is broken.

As long as asset forfeiture exists, drug offenders will never be 
treated as other criminals.

Convicting a meth king would bring in a substantial paycheck to the 
police, unlike a serial rapist. This is why police love to find drug 
addicts. We pick them up, collect our money and lock them behind the 
iron bars of "justice," while we let the homeless, wife-beating bike 
thief attend anger management classes.

What about addiction management classes? Only a minute amount of 
convicted drug offenders get the opportunity to attend a class 
because we as Americans think of drug use as the deadliest of sins.

Yet, parents drug their kids with amphetamines and stimulants because 
of a disorder referred to as attention deficit disorder. It should be 
no surprise that these kids grow up to try and abuse other substances.

We should focus more on prevention all together. Let's stop building 
prisons and build better communities so fewer people will turn to 
drugs, and in turn, we will be saving lives rather than throwing them away.

We're running out of room for prisons. I wonder when the first U.S. 
prison outside of America will be built. At the rate we're going, we 
can expect to see construction beginning in Mexico in 2030.

Tim Gomez

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