Pubdate: Thu, 27 Dec 2007
Source: Dominican Today (Dominican Republic)
Copyright: 2007 Dominican Today


Santo Domingo.- The Customs Department (DGA) is warning that anyone
wanting to take jewelry or components out of the country needs to
present an Single Customs Declaration (DUA in Spanish) export form 24
hours in advance.

Customs says that as well as the declaration, people will need to show
receipts or documents proving that the merchandise was legally
acquired, in keeping with article 167 of Law No. 3489 on Customs Regime.

They will also need to show where they received financing for
purchasing the merchandise on the local market.

The DGA says that the measure is being taken because of suspected
money laundering and other illegal activities using jewelry exports.

"The Customs Department notes with concern that lately people have
been exporting jewelry and components to the United States in an
unregulated manner, against the law, so the DGA has taken steps to
prevent that money is laundered in this way, in violation of Law 72-02
and article 200 of Law 3489, modified by Law 226-06 that establishes
the DGA's autonomy", said a statement from the Customs Department.

Customs went on to say that the measure seeks to prevent money
laundering linked to drug trafficking and terrorist funding, as
established by international conventions, so people must be able to
show how they financed the purchase.

The department added that the measure also ensures that the transport
of assets is regulated, and that the acquisition of money in the
banking system also has to fulfill a series of regulations that
establish the sources, as the DGA suspects that the purchase of these
jewels for export is a way of laundering money.
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