Pubdate: Wed, 26 Dec 2007
Source: Daily Southtown (Tinley Park, IL)
Copyright: 2007 Daily Southtown
Author: Paul Jasinevicius


If the rationale for drug testing students is it will reduce drug use 
in high school, then I think administrators and teachers should lead 
by example and submit themselves to the same tests.

Since all of the "druggies" will be weeded out of the private schools 
like Marian Catholic High School and "forced" to attend public high 
schools or be home schooled, I suppose it would make perfect sense 
not to allow any teachers or staff who work with these students to be 
treated any differently. After all, these folks are the role models 
students spend their days with.

It is a logical theory that students will achieve more if they are 
sober and on task when they come to school, but the biggest drug 
problem most high schools have is the abuse of alcohol and smoking 
cigarettes, which are both readily available to minors.

Is it just certain drug abuse the high school is trying to prevent, 
or would universal counseling for all drug abuse be a better option?

If teachers and staff at Marian Catholic think shaming these 
potentially drug-abusing students with a label followed by an 
expulsion will be a good way to curtail a national problem, I believe 
all teachers and staff should be the first to submit to mandatory 
drug testing, as they are the front line players in academic life.

Paul Jasinevicius

Park Forest
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