Pubdate: Mon, 10 Dec 2007
Source: Antigua Sun (Antigua)
Copyright: 2007 SUN Printing & Publishing LTD
Author: Glen Francis


Dear Editor:

I find it simply amazing that a little country like St.  Kitts/Nevis 
can have a total of 17 murders in each of  the last two years.

Everyone is probably keeping fingers crossed that it  does not get 
any worse than it is now. It is a clear  indication that as much as 
the security forces of the  country are trying to keep a lid on 
violent crime the  thing continues to bubble over.

There is no doubt in anybody's mind that all of this  started with 
something that is a scourge to many  countries, illegal drugs. Once 
this is prevalent  anywhere near the country, things like this will 
continue to happen. It therefore means that the  authorities of St. 
Kitts/Nevis have to come up with a  strategy that will effectively 
combat the activities of  drug traffickers, local dealers and those 
who use  drugs.

It may seem sad that people who are victim of the drug  dealers will 
also have to spend time in prison or pay  large fines if they are 
caught with drugs. All of this,  however, should serve as a deterrent 
to all the young  people who see some sort of glamour in this 
lifestyle.  They can be assured that there is nothing glamorous in 
drugs sale or use and will only be a matter of time  before the law 
catches up with illegal activity.

Now, the government has some hard thinking to do and  some of it must 
include what they will do as far as  increasing sentences and fines 
for people who are into  drugs, especially those who are traffickers.

These people have to be fined out of existence so that  when they 
come to court they know they are going to  lose big time and will not 
just be able to walk out  with a small fine which they know they will 
be able to  pay without as much as breaking a sweat and be back  into 
the business before the expiration of 24 hours.

Drugs and violence can not be separated and, unless St.  Kitts/Nevis 
does something to toughen drug laws, the  violence will continue and 
probably even get worse.

Glen Francis (via e-mail).
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