Pubdate: Sun, 02 Dec 2007
Source: East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Copyright: 2007 East Valley Tribune.
Author: Kirk Muse


Regarding Robert E. Riodan's not-so-thoughtful letter: "Illegal 
Drugs: All dealers deserve death" (Nov. 28th)

Danny Pasanella died of a heroin overdose because the black market, 
bootleg heroin he consumed was of unknown quality, unknown purity and 
unknown potency.  When pure pharmaceutical grade Bayer heroin was 
legally sold in local pharmacies and grocery stores for pennies per 
dose, deaths from heroin were very rare.  And the term "drug-related 
crime" didn't exist.

Largely because of our so-called "tough on drugs" policies the United 
States is the most incarcerated nation in the history. We now have 
greater than 2.2 million prisoners.  For comparison Great Britain has 
only about 80,000 total prisoners.

Tough drug laws do not deter drug use.  The U. S. government 
estimates that at least 100 millions Americans have used illegal 
drugs.  How many should be in jail or prison for doing so?  I submit none.

Kirk Muse

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