Pubdate: Fri, 23 Nov 2007
Source: Times Argus (Barre, VT)
Copyright: 2007 Times Argus
Author: Scott Manning


In response to the Wednesday, Nov. 14 article titled  "Lawmakers jump
to prosecutor's defense," to me, it  seems strange that the governor's
office can respond to  dozens of calls in as drastic a measure as
usurping Mr.  Sand's ability to reduce harm to society, financially,
socially and morally as well as the cost to the voters  and working
folks of Windsor County.

I have met Mr. Sand on several occasions and found him  to be a clear,
conscientious and articulate person. The  good folks of Windsor County
are fortunate to have a  forward-thinking servant that's all about
reducing  costs and harm to society and better focusing on harm
against persons or property.

I feel that we as a society have advanced in more ways  than one could
mention but in other aspects we cannot  seem to make the leap from
past (Nixon/Kissinger)  mentality that's so implosive of itself in
that you  have the arresting officer and his/her time initially  and
thereafter via paperwork time and court  appearances. Then you engage
a court records clerk, a  defense attorney, prosecuting attorney,
judge,  paralegals' time and efforts on behalf of the attorneys  and
their clients. All this, not to mention obligations  to the court to
seek out recovery meetings, probation  officer's time and efforts, not
to mention department  of children and family services if children are
found  to be in harm's way.

All this can, has and will go on and on in the  desecrated name of
justice. All of what I've just spoke  of can be the consequences of
one joint. Hard to  believe that we progressed so far and yet in some
ways  we're stuck in reverse.

Way to go, Jim. Way to go!

Scott Manning

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