Pubdate: Tue, 13 Nov 2007
Source: Border Mail (Australia)
Copyright: 2007 Border Mail
Author: Steve Panozzo


IN the not-too-distant future you will no doubt be  requested to pull 
over at one of the many new welcomed  mobile random drug analysis 
stations and an additional  request for a tongue swab will surely follow.

Now this is where you have the opportunity to ask the  question - is 
the cop clean that is asking you for your  sample?

My concern follows new potential rules that police will  "only" be 
tested after a "situation critical" has  occurred.

In other words, we will find out after a potential  catastrophic 
failure in policing operational standards  that may involve serious 
injuries or even death to one  or many.

Does this seem just a little odd?

Do you think that it would be a better bet to catch  these offenders 
before this disappointing and  potentially costly end?

The next obvious question is how would you feel if the  person 
sitting beside you, responding in an emergency  situation, not only 
has a firearm, but a full head-load  of cocaine, possibly even a 
cocktail of mind-altering  substances?

Certainly a possible prelude to a ride of your life.

Why is random drug testing mandatory in other  industries, including 
more and more sports, when these  folks do not even carry guns, nor 
do they participate  in extremely high-speed pursuits or respond to 
potentially explosive domestic situations within the  community?

We have many awesome police who constantly are at the  battle front 
in ensuring citizen compliance; these  people would and should surely 
be also concerned at  this possible proposal.

The old saying is starting to ring, folks, if you are  doing nothing 
wrong, why be so concerned!

- - Steve Panozzo

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