Pubdate: Wed, 07 Nov 2007
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Matthew Breech


In the wake of recent gangland slayings, no doubt there will be calls 
from all sides to increase law enforcement, crack down on crime, 
declare war on the gangs, etc. Some of that might even happen. But 
there will be no appreciable decline in gang violence; in fact, I 
suspect it will continue to get worse here in the Lower Mainland.

The only way to defang and disarm these violent criminal gangs is to 
deprive them of their main source of revenue, drug sales. The only 
way to do that is to decriminalize drugs, and tax the hell out of 
them. Overnight, no more gangs, no more violence, no more guns. Why 
can't we see that? Why do we have to "declare war" on violence? It 
doesn't work, it hasn't worked in the United States, Canada or 
anywhere, at any time. How many more people have to die before we 
face the fact that decriminalization is the only path to solve this 
very serious issue?

Matthew Breech

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