Pubdate: Tue, 30 Oct 2007
Source: Crowsnest Pass Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2007 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Author: Chris Buors


Dear Editor:

Presenting one side of the argument such as the dangers of crystal
meth without balance or perspective is nothing but a good old
fashioned witch hunt. Guest speakers Heinrich Kramer and James
Sprenger would have been invited to present the Hammer of Witches as
the last word with every authority at the ready to concur just to give
the appearance of official sanction.

What the Crowsnest Pass Block Parents Association did not learn was
that "crystal meth" has the brand name of Desoyxn. Desoyxn is
prescribed to unruly school children and the obese who do not have to
suffer from impurities from paint thinner and brake fluid. Adulterated
drugs are a consequence of the political policy of prohibition.
Adulterated alcohol was responsible for scores of blinding and deaths
when prohibition was the political policy of the day too.

Running to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health for statements
on addiction would have been no different than running down to the
church for an opinion on witches. Addiction is a culturally
conditioned stigmatizing term that reflect more about what the people
believe than any true property of periodic table elements. Addiction
falls on receptive ears in theologic based society conditioned to
believe in demonic possession. Spiritual Death is what addiction was
called when the church ruled.

Lust for pleasure vices and being a glutton about it is what got you
there. Today we live in a therapeutic state which evolved from the
theologic state so we have learned how to do all our moralizing in
medical sounding terms. All that may be in line with the intellectual
expectations of our age, but periodic table elements still do not have
supernatural powers of allurement. It is in the forbidding of fruit
where in all the powers of allurement are unleashed according to the
parable of The Fall.

Drug taking is a moral issue just as assuredly as is alcohol drinking.
Yielding to temptation is not a disease. Having a moralist give you an
earful to mend your ways to be more in line with the Christian culture
is not medical treatment no matter what the experts tell you. The
question begs of why in a free and open society like Canada no one
would think to invite a pharmacologist along to explain what the
properties of crystal meth are. And no one ever invites an
anthropologist to these affairs least the ceremonial and ritual aspect
of a drug taking human civilization be brought up. Those two groups of
professionals have a very different view on drugs and their uses than
the demonizers who presented their personal stories to the CPBPA.
that's why none were invited. A revival of Biblical proportions is
what really went on at the CPBPA event.

Chris Buors,

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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