Pubdate: Mon, 29 Oct 2007
Source: National, The (New Guinea)
Copyright: 2007, The National
Author: Anthony Kaybing Dwu, journalism student
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YOUTHS in Gohi village in the Selau district in North  Bougainville 
destroyed a cache of marijuana with a  street value of K10,000 at a 
ceremony to signify the  end of drug abuse.

The youths also signed a memorandum of understanding  with their elders.

The ceremony was witnessed by the Autonomous Region of  Bougainville 
Government (ABG) Vice-President John  Tabinaman, Selau-Suir MP Joseph 
Watawi along with  members of the police force and other distinguished guests.

Gohi village Chief Mathew Koyowa said the decision was  made by the 
youths themselves.

Mr Koyowa also said the youths wanted to reconcile with  God, their 
families, and the community as a whole and  called on the ABG to 
provide more funding in the fight  against drugs.

"This is a very unusual thing in which everybody must  take pride in 
it," Mr Tabinaman said.

He reminded the youths that they were the backbone of  the country 
and the future was to be made or broken by  them.

"We have the youths in our heart," he said.

He also told them that they had an obligation as  responsible 
citizens of Bougainville and to make it a  better place.

Mr Watawi said he was pleased with the stance the  youths had taken 
in destroying the drugs.

He urged the Gohi community to make other Bougainville  communities 
aware of the initiative they had taken to  destroy the drugs.

He added that he would make sure funding was secured  for their 
proposal for a new multi-purpose sports field  and more emphasis on 
their campaign against drugs.

Spokesperson for the police representatives Constable  Leslie Meten 
said that these were the fruits of the  police drug awareness programmes.

He said much credit must be given to the youths of Gohi  for their 
brave decision.

Mr Meten said the support of the community would help  stop drug 
trafficking in Bougainville.

Reformed leader of the Gohi drug users Douglas Mitsira  said that 
realisation of the dangers of drug abuse,  respect for their families 
and God was what made them  stop.

Mitsira asked the ABG to help them in their fight  against drugs.
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