Pubdate: Fri, 26 Oct 2007
Source: Union Leader (Manchester, NH)
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Author: Faith Swymer, Union Leader Correspondent
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EXETER - Clayton Holdon said Mitt Romney's stance on medicinal 
marijuana is unclear, and the wheelchair-bound Dover resident said he 
will continue to bird dog the candidate across the state until he 
receives a sufficient answer.

Holdon, 22, said he suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy 
and has smoked marijuana since being hit by a car while crossing the 
street in his wheelchair at the age of 16. Holdon said he has asked 
John Edwards and Fred Thompson whether he should be arrested for 
smoking marijuana and has found only Romney to be difficult.

On Oct. 6 at a campaign stop at Dover, CNN filmed Holdon as he asked 
the question of the presidential candidate during a meet and greet, 
only to have Romney say he doesn't support legalizing marijuana. 
Romney then turned his back on Holdon, who was pleading with Romney 
to answer the question. The clip, which has received over 100,000 
views on YouTube, has turned Holdon into a small celebrity.

Yesterday, at Romney's campaign stop at Phillips Exeter Academy, 
Holdon tried again.

Holding a "Governor, you haven't answered my question" homemade sign, 
he told the crowd of the clip and the response from Romney.

"I don't do any arresting," said Romney, who appeared uncomfortable, 
but reiterated his stance against legalizing marijuana.

"It's the opening gateway for drug use for many people in our 
country," he said.

Holdon said the answer was not clear.

"In so many ways, he'd say yes, he'd have me arrested," he said. "He 
has some very warped logic."

The clip made available on was uploaded to YouTube by a 
pro-marijuana group called The Granitestaters. According to its 
website, the group is staffed and funded by the Marijuana Policy 
Project. It raises awareness for marijuana legalization and 
coordinates volunteers to push the issue at various campaign stops. 
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