Pubdate: Thu, 18 Oct 2007
Source: Peace Arch News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Peace Arch News
Author: Herb Couch



Re: Teachers' association organizes outreach event, Oct. 14.

It is terrific that the South Asian Teachers' Association (SATA) of 
Surrey is looking for ways to address "communication barriers" 
between parents and teachers - most notably language and culture.

Hopefully, the information session will also find solutions to South 
Asian gang violence.

Rob Rai pointed out that "108 local South Asian men have been killed 
by violence and the drug trade since 1991."

He gave sound advice for parents to spend more time with their 
children, and to "keep in touch with what kids are doing."

However, if we want to get serious about gangs and violence then we 
must end the War on Drugs.

The 108 local South Asian men did not die because of "communication 
barriers" or because parents spent too much time at work.

The gangs and violence come from prohibition. Remember the lessons of 
Al Capone.

We will never have safe and peaceful communities as long as we follow 
the failed War on Drugs policy from the U.S.

Herb Couch,

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