Pubdate: Thu, 18 Oct 2007
Source: Tribune Review (Pittsburgh, PA)
Copyright: 2007 Tribune-Review Publishing Co.
Author: Dave Witter


Bill Steigerwald ("Let's end failed & dogmatic drug war," Oct. 14 and is correct that the so-called war on drugs is "immoral,
irrational and expensive."

But there's more to it than residual Puritanism or simple bullying.
Accept for a moment that every government program -- yes, including
"defense" -- is basically a jobs program.

The "war on drugs" employs a vast army of police personnel, sheriffs,
state troopers, FBI agents, informants, DEA personnel, lawyers,
prosecutors and judges, many of whom work full-time at this "war."

Add to that the prison administrative personnel and guards, and the
people who build and maintain prisons, and you have all the
rent-seekers you need for enlarging our prison population with all
those drug possession cases.

Many of the above-named beneficiaries are unionized and carry a lot of
political clout. This is really all you need to know about why the
"war on drugs" drones on. It's also a clue as to why it has failed. If
it succeeded, all these people would be out of jobs.

And yes, Ron Paul sees all this and not one of the other presidential
candidates does.

Dave Witter

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