Pubdate: Mon, 08 Oct 2007
Source: Saipan Tribune (US MP)
Copyright: 2007 Saipan Tribune


Looking to bring local readership a premier magazine  designed to have
"something for everyone" by providing  compelling and diverse
articles, spectacular  photography, and exciting, vibrant
advertisements  presented in a visually appealing layout, Ed
Propst-publisher of MP magazine-announces that the  September-October
issue of the magazine is now on sale  at numerous locations throughout
Saipan and on Tinian.

Propst admits that the company made a mistake in  limiting
distribution points for its first issue, the  one for July-Augus. But
the publishing company, Titan  Media Group, has remedied that with the
magazine now  being sold in over a dozen locations, including Joeten
stores, Price-Costco, Java Joe's, Kagman Market, Tun  Kiku's Market,
NMC bookstore, and Fleming's on Tinian.

The current issue is readily identified, as blazoned  across its font
cover, in full color, are the phrases  "Commonwealth of the Northern
Marijuana Islands? Can  Cannabis Cure Our Ailing Economy?" One of the
feature  articles, "dba Commonwealth of the Northern Marijuana
Islands," explores the pros, the cons, and the politics  of legalizing
or decriminalizing marijuana in the CNMI.  In another feature, the
well-known author and  columnist, William "Bill" Stewart, describes
the sleepy  little island of Saipan he arrived on in 1970 in an
article accompanied by pictures from that era. And  gearing up for the
mid-term November election for the  CNMI legislature, MP presents
full-page photos and  interviews with four of the House of
Representatives  candidates deemed "Generation Next."

Other articles deal with interests such as local  culture, underwater
photography, business advice,  entrepreneurship, local restaurant
review and gourmet  pizza recipes. Finally, there is Ed Propst's own
light-hearted treatment about visiting his mother's  relatives on the
island of Leyte in the southern  Philippines, also presented with
stunning photography.

Perhaps one of MP's readers best describes the magazine  when he
writes, "Congratulations on a truly first class  publication. The
varied contents are extremely  interesting and the photography is of
National  Geographic quality. Your magazine is entertaining,
provocative and informative. You certainly have  produced a quality
product that exhibits a concern for  excellence, a devotion to high
standards and a respect  for cultural identity."
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