Pubdate: Wed, 31 Jan 2007
Source: Niagara This Week (CN ON)
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Author: Russell Barth
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After reviewing the science, and acknowledging public outcry about 
environmental issues, the Conservative Party is suddenly trying to 
come off as "green." When it comes to the war on certain drugs, 
however, the Conservatives refuse to look past their twisted ideology.

Undaunted by facts, science, history, or public opinion, the 
Conservatives are promising to hire more officers, build more jails, 
and "crack down" on drug users and dealers -- a policy which has 
proven time and time again to be ineffective and counterproductive.

Unencumbered by common sense or critical thinking, Conservative 
voters are gobbling it up by the spoonful.

God help us all if this government ever wins a majority. Hopefully, 
the media will wake up and make this ridiculous drug war a major 
issue during the coming election.

Russell Barth

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder, Ottawa
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