Pubdate: Tue, 30 Jan 2007
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
Copyright: 2007 The StarPhoenix
Author: Margaret Lowry
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Kim Walker's conviction for the murder of his daughter's drug dealer 
is yet another amazing example of the insanity the disease of addiction brings.

A fearful and anguished father took the law into his own hands to 
rescue his 16-year-old daughter from the clutches of drug addiction 
- -- understandable when one reads recent news reports about 
Vancouver's murder victims and where this disease can take people.

James Hayward was another young person caught in this trap. 
Unfortunately, he has no chance at rehabilitation and recovery now.

If any good can come of this case, I hope that it makes our society 
open its eyes to the prevalence of this disease especially in our 
youth. Schools are turning a blind eye to the early signs in young 
people, with the problem not confronted but brushed aside (students 
are expelled). In this case, the law and the medical profession did 
not come across well, either.

Addiction is a disease with a huge mortality and morbidity rate, 
usually involving violence and motor vehicle accidents. We need to 
think beyond "harm-reduction." When addicts are in their disease, 
they are robbed of their true selves. In recovery, they can be amazing people.

Margaret Lowry

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