Pubdate: Mon, 01 Oct 2007
Source: Cape Times (South Africa)
Copyright: 2007 Cape Times
Author: Caryn Dolley


Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool has asked the  Inspector General
of Intelligence to investigate an  allegation by Democratic Alliance
leader Helen Zille  that senior intelligence sources had told her of a
plan  to infiltrate Padlac with agents provocateurs who would
distribute guns "to discredit her" and the anti-drug  campaign.

"These are extremely serious allegations and should be  dealt with as
seriously," Rasool said last night.

And, in a move Zille regards as "absolute rubbish and  outrageous", he
has also ordered a probe into whether  she used public money from the
city to support any of  her activities with Padlac (People Against
Drugs and  Liquor Action Committee) in Mitchells Pain.

Rasool said it was "time to bring to a close the  unseemly exchanges
through the media around Zille's  involvement with Padlac". He said
Safety MEC Leonard  Ramatlakane and Police Commissioner Mzwandile
Petros  agreed with him "that it is better that no one responds
through the media to the actions and utterances of  Zille".

"I feel that the ego of a personality should not  overshadow the
genuine fight against drugs, gangs and  crime by thousands in our
communities, the South  African Police Service and in the public service.

"MEC Ramatlakane and Commissioner Petros have agreed  that in
disengaging from a media discourse with the DA  leader, we should
allow the matters in dispute to be  resolved through the normal
workings of the criminal  justice system," he said.

Besides asking for the intelligence probe, Rasool hoped  Zille's
illegal gathering case, which goes to court  this month, would be
quickly resolved and said police  should carry on dealing with
vigilantism in Mitchells  Plain. He said he was relieved Zille
"constantly  assured the public" she was supporting Padlac as DA
leader, and not as Cape Town's mayor.

"The Office of the Mayor is an official organ of  government... and
should never be guilty of levelling  accusations of agents
provocateurs handing out guns to  marchers, in the media prior to
raising these through  the channels available and appropriate to
serving  officials of government."

Rasool said he hoped the use by Zille of her offices  for a press
conference where she had voiced her  concerns of an infiltration with
Padlac leader Fasieg  Adams had been an "oversight on her part".

He was waiting for a full police report on arrests in  Mitchells Plain
so it could be determined whether  police were arresting "the wrong
people", as Zille has  said, or more drug users. Even though "the
provincial  government and police have chosen a more comprehensive
approach", Zille's choice to march against drugs should  be accepted,
Rasool said.

On Sunday night, on hearing of the investigation and  probe he had
ordered, a furious Zille said it was  "complete and utter nonsense".

"I had dinner with (Rasool) on Saturday night and he  raised
absolutely nothing about this and had no  concerns. It's

She said she would not reveal her sources to assist the  investigation
into the infiltration of Padlac, and had  on Sunday received
"information so shocking (which  confirmed previous information from
intelligence  sources)" that she would take "serious follow-up
action" this week.

Zille said she had phoned her sources late last night  and warned them
Rasool wanted an investigation. "I  called them to say they're being
sought. I know what  will happen to them if they're found. They'll be
hounded and intimidated"

Zille said she found it unbelievable that Rasool had  ordered a probe
into whether public money was used for  Padlac, as she had reassured
him that had not happened.

"It is pathetic that he is now taking on the smear  campaign on behalf
of Ramatlakane and the others.  Padlac has been involved in peaceful

"That is all... It is a legal and constitutional right  to march
peacefully," Zille said.
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