Pubdate: Mon, 24 Sep 2007
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2007 The Tribune Co.
Author: Alexis Bessinger


Regarding "Tonight, You're Home" Wife Tells Pardoned Man" (front page,
Sept 21):

As a chronic pain patient dependent for 20 years on narcotic pain
medication for pain minimization, I can understand the desperation for
the need of immediate accessibility of my prescription meds,
legitimately prescribed by my pain management doctor. 1, too, was in a
car accident then left with a paralyzed left arm after a botched
surgery. I've had seven surgeries on my spine and six on my leg. As
well, I have severe fibromyalgia. I live and understand pain.

What I did not see in the article was how Richard Paey obtained such
an extraordinary amount of Percocet. Wert his methods legal? If not
legal, what is the punishment foi the crime?

Were the "scripts" all from one doctor? Did he doctor-shop for
numerous prescriptions? Did he steal a prescription pad to write
illegal scripts? Did he get pills from the Internet or from another
person? Go to different pharmacies to try to cover his tracks?

I do believe that he did not have intention of selling them. That's
the last thing on a chronic pain patient's mind. All we care about is
managing our pain.

When we patients don't work within the laws that dictate medical
practices, not only are we taking risks for ourselves as Paey did,
thus landing him in jail, but we are risking the relief other pain
patients get from their doctors. With every scenario like Paey's. the
medical commu nity becomes more skeptical about providing pain relief
via prescription meds due to their concern of illegal action involving
their name and profession.

I'd love to see "the rest of the story," and I do hope that Paey is
able to keep his pain in a manageable state.


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