Pubdate: Wed, 26 Sep 2007
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 2007 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Lorraine Scarborough


A Heroic Spouse

I had the opportunity to meet Linda Paey, wife of Richard Paey,
several months ago. I have been fortunate to be a very small part of
the lives of her and her daughters.

Linda is one of the most upbeat women I have ever met. I'm sure her
heart has been breaking ever since her husband was arrested several
years ago. She is a model of love and devotion, not only to her
husband, but also to her three children.

It takes real courage not to collapse under the terrific strain she
has been under for several years. I commend her for her undying
positive attitude and for continuing to raise three great children.
She is my hero! May this family have many wonderful years together in
the future.

Lorraine Scarborough, Port Richey

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