Pubdate: Thu, 13 Sep 2007
Source: Bloor West Villager (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007 Bloor West Villager


Cost Recovery At Heart Of Proposed Bylaws

Members of the city's licensing and standards committee are cracking 
down on property owners who allow their houses to be used for 
marijuana grow operations.

The committee endorsed two bylaws Tuesday that, if supported by 
council, will make it an offence to cause, allow or permit a property 
to be used as a marijuana grow-op and will set out a series of 
escalating fines and a cost recovery plan whereby the property owner 
would be charged for any expenses incurred by the city during grow-op 

Ward 39 (Scarborough-Agincourt) Councillor Mike Del Grande, who spent 
two years crafting the bylaws with city staff, said the bylaws will 
put landlords on notice.

"It's a very strong first step for Toronto," he said.

Under the City of Toronto Act, the city is required to inspect a 
premise when notified by the police of a grow operation.

The city is then required to take action, which results in costs 
being incurred, to address the illegal activities and any violations 
of municipal regulations.

Under the proposed bylaw, the city would have the authority to 
recover the costs of that remedial work by placing those costs on the 
tax roll and collecting them as taxes.

Any costs associated with the investigation, inspection, review and 
preparation of reports, enforcement, administrative work, 
court/tribunal attendance and legal work could be recovered from the 
property owner.

If the costs are not recovered, a lien could then be issued on the 
property and added to the tax bill.
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