Pubdate: Wed, 05 Sep 2007
Source: Journal Times, The (Racine, WI)
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RACINE -- Three teenagers caught with stolen marijuana plants in 
their car last week now face drug charges.

[Name redacted], 17, [Name redacted], 19, and [Name redacted], 18, 
all of Racine, are charged with possession of marijuana with intent 
to deliver. If convicted, they could face up to $10,000 in fines, 3 
1/2 years imprisonment and driver's license revocation. [Name 
redacted] also faces a charge of maintaining a drug trafficking 
place. That charge carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 in fines, 3 
1/2 years imprisonment and license revocation.

A deputy stopped a vehicle about 1 a.m. Thursday near the 
intersection of Durand Avenue and the East Frontage Road. In addition 
to the three people in the car -- [Names redacted] -- the deputy saw 
a coat covering something in the back seat. As deputies approached 
the car they shone a flashlight in the back seat area and saw a 
large, leafy stalk.

When they asked [Name redacted] about the stalk he reached back and 
lifted up the coat, allowing stalks to spring up out of a box.

Deputies told [Name redacted] that the plants looked like marijuana, 
and he said that he had taken the plants from a porch in a trailer park.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found two plants in the back seat 
and three in the trunk.

[Name redacted] said a friend of his cuts the grass at the park and 
told him about the plants. He said his friends thought the plants 
would be worth thousands of dollars, so they decided to take them.

[Name redacted] said they all agreed to take the plants, but that 
they planned to bring them to police the next day so he would look 
better to his parole officer.

Drugs Found On Man In Custody After He Makes Cell Phone Call

A cell phone call in the intake room of the jail led deputies to 
discover marijuana hidden on a man just arrested on several open warrants.

[Name redacted], 19, of Racine, is charged with possession of 
marijuana with intent to deliver and three counts of misdemeanor bail 
jumping. If convicted he could face up to $40,000 in fines, nearly 
six years imprisonment and driver's license revocation.

Police arrested [Name redacted] on Aug. 29, for a number of 
outstanding warrants. He was searched incident to arrest, but 
officers did not find anything on him.

When brought to the jail, [Name redacted] made a cell phone call from 
the intake room, and said "It's inside." Officers told him to get off 
the phone because he was in custody.

The officer told deputies about the phone conversation, and the 
deputy searched [Name redacted] again, this time finding a bag of 
marijuana hidden near [Name redacted]'s genitals.

More Than 3 Pounds Of Marijuana Found

Police found more than 3 pounds of marijuana in an apartment clothes 
dryer after seeing a smaller amount of the drug inside a car.

[Name redacted], 28, of Racine, is charged with possession of 
marijuana with intent to deliver as a repeat drug offender. If 
convicted, he could face up to $25,000 in fines and 14 years 
imprisonment, plus driver's license revocation.

Police were driving in the 3500 block of Spring Street Thursday 
night, looking for someone that had run from them earlier that day. 
While looking for that subject, they came across [Name redacted] and 
found a plastic bag of marijuana in a car he had been sitting in. He 
reportedly planned to bring the marijuana to a rap concert in Iowa on Friday.

When officers went inside to try searching [Name redacted]'s 
apartment, another tenant said they discovered a large amount of 
marijuana in the dryer in the basement.

Officers saw two plastic shopping bags full of plastic bags of 
marijuana inside the dryer. The marijuana weighed more than 3 pounds.

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