Pubdate: Wed, 29 Aug 2007
Source: Topeka Capital-Journal (KS)
Copyright: 2007 The Topeka Capital-Journal
Author: Sharon DuBois


In his Aug. 23 letter, Eric Voth decries former Attorney General Bob
Stephan's endorsement of medical marijuana. Dr. Voth states that
marijuana isn't a safe drug and is not "clearly effective." He goes on
to list some of the side effects of its use.

The point here isn't whether medical marijuana is more or less
effective, or more or less dangerous, than many of the other drugs
regularly prescribed by doctors for their patients. The point is to
decide who will make our medical decisions. Will it be the patient
herself, teamed with a licensed medical professional? Or will it be
non-medical groups intent on imposing their non-medical agendas on the
rest of us?

An educated medical community and an informed citizenry are quite
capable of making good choices about medical care. Dr. Voth may
present his opinions in an effort to influence those choices, but the
final decision must be left to the patient and her doctor.

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