Pubdate: Thu, 18 Jan 2007
Source: News Review, The  (CN SN)
Copyright: 2007 Yorkton News Review
Author: Benn Greer,


To the Editor:

I read recently, the MacLean's article that refers to Regina's North 
Central as the worst neighborhood in Canada.

Many of the problems that exist here, are the same that we've seen 
over the years in East Vancouver, where concerned citizens and 
community groups have come together to start Insite ^ Canada's first 
Safe Injection Site for IV drug users.

Insite has proven itself by saving lives, reducing disease and 
increasing public safety in the city of Vancouver.

We in Saskatchewan must support and facilitate the opening of similar 
safe-injection site health services where required.

The health risks and social harm related to the use of currently 
illegal substances can be best minimized with the use of 
non-punitive, harm reduction techniques.

Drug prohibition and locking up problem users is not the solution for 
the 21st century. Banning or restricting things like alcohol or drugs 
doesn't make people stop doing them. It often makes them do it more.

What it does do is create black markets and crime. It leaves people 
to consume drugs or alcohol that come from shady sources, and entices 
them to overindulge, because they aren't sure of when they'll have 
access to the drugs or the alcohol again.

We must take the powers of jailing these problem users away from the 
police and put it into the hands of trained health and addiction professionals.

Benn Greer,

Pres., Saskatchewan ENDProhibition
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