Pubdate: Thu, 11 Jan 2007
Source: Summerland Review (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 The Summerland Review
Author: John Arendt


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Coordinator Will Provide Counselling and Education

A new drug and alcohol prevention coordinator will work with youth and
their families full time through the Summerland Asset Development
Initiative's Drug Education Program.

Jody Meyer, who has worked in drug prevention and counseling, has been
hired for the new position which began on Monday.

He will work with local schools, the RCMP, Summerland's Drug Education
Task Force and the community at large.

He says drug and alcohol abuse have been ongoing issues for more than
a decade.

"It's finally being taken seriously," he says. "The education needs to

He says much of his work will be in presenting age-appropriate
information at all the schools in the community.

He also plans to hold parenting workshops and sessions on
drug-proofing children.

"A lot of people don't know there's help," he says.

Meyer will be based out of the SADI Unity Youth Club, at 9117 Prairie
Valley Rd. He can be reached at 494-9722.

In the past, Meyer has worked in Summerland on a part-time basis
through the schools. He says that while Penticton has drug abuse
resources, they have not been available in Summerland.

The new service is being offered by the Summerland Asset Development
Initiative and is funded through the Penny Lane Bargain Outlet with a
grant of $55,000.

Art Sewell, chair of the Penny Lane Bargain Outlet says the program is
needed in Summerland.

"The board is confident that the drug program will assist with
reducing the use of drugs by Summerland youth," he says.

"This program will also give the youth and their families easier
access to discuss problems or concerns with a professional counselor
on a full time basis."

The position has been a funding goal of the Penny Lane Bargain Outlet
since its inception. 
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