Pubdate: Thu, 11 Jan 2007
Source: Northern Express (MI)
Copyright: 2007 Northern Express
Author: Steve Thompson


Michigan is now ranked 16th largest grower of cannabis in the U.S., 
growing 308,475 plants, weighing 136,012 pounds, worth $218,435,000.

The total worth of the U.S. crop now exceeds $35 billion, making 
cannabis the largest cash crop grown in the U.S.!

How very sad that the merest mention of this wonderful, God-created 
plant sends you Michigan Farm Bureau folks and our elected officials 
cowering and hiding under your desks, while you all jump on the 
"ethanol" bandwagon which will hurt our great state with more 
pollution and depletion of our soil's nutrients.

Each and every one of you farmers should take a trip to Canada in 
August and stroll through a hemp field, while remembering that the 
U.S. bought 85% of the Canadian hemp crop in 2005.

Do yourselves a favor, and us, and quit believing the governmental 
lies about this plant, and with an open-mind, start educating 
yourselves with the true facts concerning it. Then join the other 
State Farm Bureaus across the U.S. that are supporting the growth of 
hemp. The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, I believe, was the most recent to 
have done this. You can help make 2007 a truly Happy New Year for our 
great state of Michigan!!

Rev. Steven B.Thompson

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