Pubdate: Wed, 10 Jan 2007
Source: Castlegar News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Castlegar News
Author: Michael Patriquen,



I'm writing in response to the havoc and chaos caused by RCMP members 
who, ignorant of the laws that they supposedly enforce, have quite 
literally destroyed the lives of  med. marijuana patients Mr. & Mrs. 
Roglich, as reported by your paper on January 4, 2007.

These people, as reported, both have Hepatitis C, a disease which at 
present has no effective treatment protocol and is fatal in 100 per 
cent of cases, over time. They were fully licensed by our Federal 
Government to produce their meds to relieve to some degree at least, 
the agony that their terminal disease offers. For the past 18 months, 
federal statute law demands that all licensed med. marijuana 
Producers-such as the Roglich's are-being identified to the RCMP by 
Health Canada in order to prevent the type of tragedy that has now 
been wrought upon them.

In this case, the RCMP did not check with Health Canada either out of 
ignorance, indifference or spite-they just blindly charged in basing 
their illegal actions on, to quote you, " Health Canada gives 
medicinal users the option to release the information to local 
authorities. In this case, the RCMP were uninformed."

If the police are to be given the powers that they are-it is 
incumbent upon them to educate themselves as to the laws that they 
are supposedly enforcing.

Michael Patriquen,

Halifax, N.S.
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