Pubdate: Fri, 05 Jan 2007
Source: Winkler Times (CN MB)
Copyright: 2007 Winkler Times
Author: Ashleigh Viveiros
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"Seizures of this magnitude don't occur very often ... it will
definitely curb the availability (of drugs) in the area." -- Insp.
Brad Kehler

Winkler police are hoping an early morning drug bust last week has put
a major crimp in the local drug trade.

At 5:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 29, a dozen officers executed a drug
warrant at a house at 255-12th Street.

Police found approximately $7,000 worth of cocaine, crack cocaine,
ecstasy, marijuana, mushrooms, and steroids at the house. Also seized
was over $4,000 in cash, miscellaneous drug paraphernalia, and several
weapons, including a stun device and a variety of knives and swords.

The residents of the house, [redacted], were arrested and both face 
numerous charges of possession
of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

[redacted] also faces weapons charges and charges related to the possession
of property obtained by crime.

The pair were released on bail and will appear in Morden Court on Feb.

The drug bust was the culmination of several months of investigation
into a dealer police believe "was a major player in the area", said
Insp. Brad Kehler.

Kehler said the variety of drugs found on the scene was unusual from
other drug seizures in the region, and the sheer amount of drugs makes
it one of the largest busts in Winkler's history.

"Seizures of this magnitude don't occur very often," he said. "This
was definitely the largest one, I think, in the history of Winkler."

"It will definitely curb the availability in the area," added Kehler.
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