Pubdate: Fri, 05 Jan 2007
Source: News & Star (UK)
Copyright: 2007 News & Star
Author: Chris Kramer


I AM visiting the UK from Holland. I have been very shocked and
outraged by what English justice is capable of.

In my country sick people are given the medicine they

They don't have to rely on the goodwill of people like Lezley and Mark
Gibson and Marcus Davies to provide them with pain relief.

In my country MS sufferers are even allowed to grow their own pain
relief in their own homes (if they still can), if not there are many
government institutions that supply cannabis to the sufferers of MS,

If we are one Europe why are these three angels being prosecuted

The government should be able to tell the difference between street
dealers and well intentioned helpers of sick people.

The three people found guilty have never gained in any way from
distributing their cannachoc.

They have never pushed the chocolate.

They gave it away to people who sent a doctor's letter.

These three people should not be sent to jail, they should have been
given a New Year's honour for their help to society.

Chris Kramer

Sondel, Holland
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