Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jan 2007
Source: News & Star (UK)
Contact:  2007 News & Star
Authors: Liam Nicholls & Tricia Hepple


WHY is the legal system in this country so unfair? There are known sex
offenders living in our midst and we are not allowed to know about it
because it is against their human rights.

What about the human rights of all the people with MS who have had
their supply of cannabis chocolate cut off and are now forced to seek
out drug dealers who could very easily rip them off and leave them in
an even worse position?

And what about the rights of the Gibsons and Marcus Davies who had
their entire defence disregarded because the law had been changed?

These people have unselfishly distributed the cannabis chocolate
because they felt it was providing essential relief to people who
truly needed it, and who better to do so than Lezley, an MS suffer
herself who has benefited first hand from the medicinal properties of

As members of the Gibsons' family we have seen the work that goes into
the production of this chocolate and the joy that has resulted in
knowing that it is helping other sufferers in some small way.

We have also seen the heartache that is a result of the production of
the chocolate stopping, and the ordeal Lezley has been put through in
the courts.

Mark and Lezley have never tried to hide what they do and have openly
campaigned for the legalisation of cannabis for medical uses.

It seems that it is OK to be stopped on the street and found to have
cannabis for personal recreational use but not to take it if it helps
to alleviate the symptoms of an illness.

Lezley, Mark and Marcus should be commended for what they have done
not punished.

Liam Nicholls & Tricia Hepple

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