Pubdate: Sat, 30 Dec 2006
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2006 Rutland Herald
Author: Joel Williams


Your headline story, (New chief: Barre to keep up pressure on drug
dealers) exemplifies the need of Prosecuting Attorney Robert Sands'
call for an end to the expensive (and futile) war on drugs.

Now, Comrade Bombardier, a drug "warrior" wants to escalate this civil
war, calling for more money for his special interests, with as many
police officers as "the taxpayers can afford." Then, he goes on to say
he will "find something for them to do." He even goes as far as
encouraging citizens to turn in fellow citizens so he can perpetuate
his costly needs.

One only needs to look to Brattleboro to see what happens when police
encourage citizens to spy on their neighbors.

When we citizens allow special interest like police to edict judicial
policy, it is like allowing theocratic Christians a say in bombing of
"those ignorant heathens" around the globe.

Follow the money trail starting with (past prosecutor) Sen. Patrick
Leahy's $1.75 million grant to fight drug abuse and you will see why
soldiers like Comrade Bombardier are so willing to commit your hard
earned dollars to the new police state.

Joel Williams

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