Pubdate: Mon, 02 Jul 2007
Source: Providence Journal, The (RI)
Copyright: 2007 The Providence Journal Company
Author: Allan Erickson


It is apparent Gov. Donald Carcieri still believes the federal
government's lies regarding cannabis. Here in Oregon there are over
2,500 doctors who have written recommendations for patients to use
cannabis as medicine.

In saying he does not support the bill because it "violates federal
law and ignores the drug-approval process as established by the Food
and Drug Administration," your governor ignores the needs of citizens
living with a health-care system that is failing millions.

Described in 1988 by a Drug Enforcement Administration
administrative-law judge, Francis Young, as "one of the safest
therapeutic substances known to man," cannabis has been demonized for
over seven decades. Its prohibition was founded with no scientific
basis and relied on the bigoted fantasies of a career prohibition
bureaucrat named Harry Anslinger.

Enough with the lies; cannabis continues to prove effective in
treating many conditions. Recent studies from Spain validated the
Medical College of Virginia study conducted in 1974 that showed
cannabis has anti-cancer properties.

The problem is not cannabis. The problem is government policy run
under false pretense. Science has proven cannabis is medicine. The
government does lie. Governor Carcieri is wrong and should admit it.


Eugene, Ore.

The writer is a member of the Drug Policy Forum of