Pubdate: Fri, 04 May 2007
Source: Tonawanda News (NY)
Copyright: 2007 Greater Niagara Newspapers
Author: Michael Taylor


Six years ago, a tragedy occurred in a Medina drugstore when a man 
addicted to painkillers walked in with a gun and demanded drugs. The 
cop who responded shot and killed the man, but was seriously wounded himself.

At that time, I suggested starting a program of registering such 
addicts and getting them their drug in a safe and sane manner. I 
questioned if the "war on drugs" was really worth an incident such as this.

Last December, another police tragedy occurred in Buffalo. The youth 
who shot two cops said he acquired his gun for protection from the gangs.

What makes the gangs profitable is largely drug trafficking. A 
program of decriminalizing and regulating drugs would take the 
profits away from the gangs, reducing some of the gang-related violence.

There may be hope for those who agree with my view in the form of a 
group called "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition." I encourage 
readers to visit their Web site at They will explain why 
the war on drugs is a failure, similar to alcohol prohibition back in 
the 1920s. Their arguments are compelling, to say the least.

Michael Taylor

North Tonawanda