Pubdate: Mon, 24 Jul 2006
Source: Metro (CN BC)
Copyright: Metro 2006
Author: Jared Ferrie, Metro Vancouver
Cited: Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users
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Guerrilla safe injections sites could start popping up in the Downtown
Eastside if the Tories refuse to allow InSite to continue operating.

Anne Livingstone of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users said she
and other community members are willing to set up illegal sites and
face charges if necessary.

She and other advocates have set up guerrilla sites before, most
recently from April to September 2003.

"Bring it on," she said. "We'll finally have our day in

Livingston said a court case would shine the spotlight on the
drug-ravaged neighbourhood, and provide an opportunity to lobby for an
expanded safe injection site program.

On Friday, Metro Vancouver reported that the Conservatives plan to let
the legal exemption that allows InSite to operate to expire on Sept.
12. Steven Fletcher, who is parliamentary secretary to Health Minister
Tony Clement, said the government would then decide whether to provide
another exemption to allow the facility to reopen.

But Livingstone said InSite is not enough -- she called for a program,
which would include multiple sites. She argued that data collected at
In-Site over the past three years supports such a program.
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